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The Kennels

As your pet is an individual character, the kennels have different designs to suit both tiny and large dogs.

There are 13 garden kennels, each with a bedroom and an exercise area attached - at night the dogs are inside with their beds – during the day they are free to come and go as they please. These are situated with a view across our field and countryside, enhancing their sense of space and freedom.

We have 6 kennels specially designed to house a dog and cat from the same family if you so wish, these also enjoy the beautiful views.

The kennels are all adjacent to the large secure garden, which allows the dogs to take turns running freely, several times a day. Your dog will not mix with anybody else’s, and is under supervision at all times. We also have a six-kennel dormitory that can be heated or air conditioned, also adjacent to the garden, and can be used for a quarantine or whelping area.

The kennels and cattery in the office building are also heated or air conditioned with a further 20 rooms inside for dogs or cats, plus 5 large kennels for big dogs or families. Mosquito nets are on every window. All of our kennels and the cattery is tiled in white and can therefore be kept spotlessly clean.

Pets can be supplied with beds/blankets if you do not want the inconvenience of bringing your own each time. You are most welcome to bring any safe toys and chews for your pet, but please nothing too precious that might be ruined.

We feed a good quality dry food, which can be mixed if requested. If your pet is on a special diet due to medical requirements, we ask that you supply this.


All pets must be vaccinated against all the major dog or cat diseases prior to their stay at the kennels, and we ask that you bring their veterinary books on each visit. Microchip is also required by law.

We recommend that you protect your pet against all parasites, especially during the summer months, this enables us to continue to maintain a pest free zone. Any pet arriving on the premises with tics or fleas will not be admitted!


We are happy to administer medication, pills or injections and look after pets that need to convalesce quietly away from the possible bustle of home life.

We have vets on hand 24 hours a day should the need arise.